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The Scotch Whisky Industry Review

What is “The Scotch Whisky Industry Review”?

It is the single most authoritative source of Scotch Whisky statistics and business information on the Scotch Whisky industry – incredibly comprehensive in its coverage and painstaking in the accuracy of its research. The Review contains 280 pages packed with fascinating and useful information and is used as a reference by all the leading Scotch Whisky companies.


How long has the Review been published?

The Review is published annually and having started life in 1977 is now in its 45th edition.


Who is behind the Review?

The annual Scotch Whisky Industry Review was founded by leading industry analyst Alan Gray. The Review and regular associated Whisky Newsletters are now compiled by Alan Gordon and published by Pagoda Scotland Limited.


What is included in the Review?

Please see CONTENTS for a comprehensive list of contents. In summary, the “Review” includes detailed information covering the following main areas:

  • Industry Section
    Consumption by market, Scotch Whisky production figures, stocks, production costs and profit margins.

  • Company Section
    Names and addresses, list of distilleries (including new Scotch Whisky distilleries and projected ones), distillery capacity utilisation and visitor numbers.

  • Case Sales
    The most comprehensive Annual Case Sales figures available anywhere by Scotch Whisky type (Blend & Malt) and by individual Whisky brand. Also a 10 year record for Major Brands.

  • List of Bottled Brands
    List of Bottled Brands sold in the UK and overseas by company and category - an unrivalled list categorised by standard & deluxe blends and malts. See the brands owned by the different companies at a glance!

  • Sponsorships
    Information on current sponsorship deals by Scotch Whisky companies.

  • Appendices
    Detailed figures on Scotch Whisky Broking Prices, Excise Duty and Retail Prices of Leading Scotch Whisky Brands.



Annual Total Scotch Whisky Case Sales

Annual Single Malt Scotch Whisky Case Sales

World Consumption of Scotch Whisky

Top 12 Export Markets

Selling Prices (Export and UK)

Production Costs and Profit Margins


Who should own a copy of “The Scotch Whisky Industry Review”?

  • Any Scotch Whisky industry professional

  • Any major drinks distributor/exporter/importer

  • Any specialist drinks retailer

  • Any Scotch Whisky industry supplier

  • Any advertising agency/PR company interested in the Scotch Whisky industry

  • Any drinks business analyst/ Corporate Finance professional

  • Any drinks business investor

  • Any Scotch Whisky connoisseur/enthusiast

In fact, anyone with a genuine interest in the Scotch Whisky business!


What are the benefits of owning a copy of “The Scotch Whisky Industry Review”?

  • To acquire a complete knowledge of the current state of the Scotch Whisky industry. This includes information on:

    • Emerging and growing markets

    • Stock levels

    • Industry trends

    • Distillery Production and capacity

    • New distilleries, distillery developments and ownership changes

    • Whisky Brand sales

    • Whisky Brand pricing

  • To allow Whisky professionals to determine how their brands and companies are performing as compared to the rest of the industry.

  • To provide an invaluable business reference guide to the Scotch Whisky business.

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